IKEA Hacks

Last Night in Sweden…

Did you hear? Donald Trump’s latest gaffe came at his rally in Melbourne, FL on Saturday, regarding Sweden of all places. 

Apparently, after watching FOX News, Trump seems to be under the impression the Sweden is now home to a host of issues caused by refugee resettlements. 

That’s not the Sweden I know, and I’m willing to put money that it’s not the Sweden you know either. But here’s what I do know:

Sweden is home to Muppets, Swedish meatballs, and of course the beloved IKEA. So without futher ado, because to respond to Trump’s tirade is ridiculous, here are some of the top IKEA hacks that are proven to make your life better. 

1. Turn the INGO table into a cute farmhouse table in an afternoon:

This is an awesome hack considering all the rage with farmhouse tables. Add in some shiplap on the dining room walls, and you’ve got yourself a darling little set up! 

Find out how to do it here

2. Repurpose the VARIERA plastic bag holder into a wrapping paper caddy:

This is such a simple little hack. There are so many different items found at IKEA that can be used for a multitude of this. At $2, this is a prime example of how inexpensive it can be done for! Find it at IKEA.com

3. Turn the BORRBY lantern into an adorable, and easy, terrarium:

This is one of my favorite hacks because terrariums are pricey! Learn how to transform the piece here

4. Who doesn’t have a LACK side table?

This table is so versatile and so inexpensive that there are almost a hundred different ways to repurpose it. My favorite, however, is turning them into family game tables like this:

Get the instructions at IKEA here

5. Lastly, turn the EKBY ALEX shelf into an adorable vanity:

Just add legs, it’s that simple. But if you need more instructions, they can be found at A New Bloom

These are just a few of my all time favorite IKEA hacks. There are hundreds, if not thousands more as well. But remember when you’re working on them to never forget Sweden and all of the horrible things happening to them. 

Just kidding, the worst part about Sweden is that IKEA doesn’t have enough stores in the US. 


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