You Can Take The Girl Out Of Dixie…


Actually no. No you cannot.

When I think of this current administration, the feelings that it invokes within me are best  described by my late Grandmother:

As nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Speaking of rocking chairs, did you see the press conference yesterday? Which rocker is he off of? I begrudgingly sat through 76 minutes of what equated to a whiny, ego filled, narcissistic meltdown. By the leader of the free world.

As I was crafting later yesterday evening, I was have a large glass of Duplin’s Hatteras Red and replaying the highlights to my husband when an idea struck me! Combine two things I love: crafting and politics.

Vinyl and voting.

Recipes and referendums.

Burlap and the Bill of Rights.

Wine and Whips.

Okay, so that last one isn’t very crafty. But it’s wine, which is almost a necessity to get through both crafting and politics. So from this post forward, prepare yourself! You’ll learn important terms in the political sphere, have access to free cut files, learn new and simple techniques for common crafting projects and maybe, just maybe, join the revolution.


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